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Olivia's Bow Club Subscription

Olivia's Bow Club Subscription

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Get 3 absolutely adorable bows - Every month! 

By signing up today, you are subscribing to receive the absolutely adorable NOVEMBER bows, shipping October 28th-30th, as your first set.

💖 Always designed by mamas, using top quality materials for ultimate comfort for your babe.

💖 Each set is truly one of a kind and made in limited quantities.

💖 We believe that mamas are superwomen, so we employ mamas at every turn possible!

(Not sure what style is right for your babe? Check out our style guide here)

Headband Set - 1 top knot & 2 skinny nylon headbands
Skinnies Set - 3 skinny nylon headbands
Clip Set - 1 top knot & 2 clips
Clips Only Set - 3 clips
Audrey Set - 1 Audrey top knot & 2 skinny nylon headbands
Audrey Clip Set - 1 Audrey top knot & 2 clips

Subscription sets ship monthly, between the 26-31 of the month. Your next renewal (the 15th of the month) will not occur until you have received your first set.

Please note: Skin tone band options do not apply to subscription months that have a white headband.